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Welcome to the
Kliqxe Academy!


Kliqxe Academy is an amazing Young Talent Program for fresh grads! We’re looking for young talent across Malaysia to be a part of our team and join us as a future consultant, business analyst, project manager or developer. Interested to start your career on the right foot?


Read on!

Looking to accelerate your career growth?


What is Kliqxe?

Kliqxe is an IT consulting company based in Malaysia and the UK that specializes in - but not limited to - Manufacturing and Distribution, with clients from all over the world. Our goal: to improve the digital experiences and guide our clients through exciting new ways to conduct business using the Salesforce platform. 


What is the Kliqxe Academy?

The Kliqxe Academy is a fresh grad program targeting those with less than 2 years experience and those with and without a tech background. We want to train you to be a consultant or technical developer within the Salesforce ecosystem - one of the most lucrative industries in Malaysia. The reason? Because of the lack of Salesforce talent in Malaysia.

What is Salesforce and CRM?

CRM is a system that stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software system that is used across all large companies worldwide. As the name suggests, it helps keep track of all information and interactions related to customers - Sales, Contact Information, Products Bought, Services Provided, etc. Salesforce is the most popular CRM provider in the world, used mainly by large MNC companies to keep track of customers.

Kliqxe is the company for you if you want to accelerate your Salesforce consulting career. Our team has decades of combined experience, with thousands of hours helping our clients from all around the world with Salesforce implementations. We’re experts in Salesforce, and we know how to make you one too.

What will you learn on your Salesforce journey? 

The First Step: Learning the basics of Salesforce

  • The Different Roles

  • Guided online learnings

  • Working towards internationally recognized certifications

  • You will be working on real projects, making real business decisions

  • Guided by experienced mentors along the way

  • Taking up roles based on talent and interest


Actual Project Work

  • Gain experience dealing with clients

  • Part of the ideation process

  • Interaction with international corporate bodies

Engagements with Clients and Partners

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A great candidate should have:

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  • 0-2 Years Working Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree or above

  • Passionate and curious for new experiences 

  • Preferably a background in IT; will consider other degrees

  • Comfortable with stakeholder engagements


We Hope to See You Soon!

Follow us and stay tuned for the latest updates on Kliqxe Academy.

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