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Welcome to the
Kliqxe Academy!


Kliqxe Academy is an amazing Young Talent Program for fresh grads! We’re looking for young talent across Malaysia to be a part of our team and join us as a future consultant, business analyst, project manager or developer. Interested to start your career on the right foot?


Read on!

Looking to accelerate your career growth?


What is the Kliqxe Academy?

The Kliqxe Academy is a fresh grad program targeting those with less than 2 years experience and those with and without a tech background. We want to train you to be a consultant or technical developer within the Salesforce ecosystem - one of the most lucrative industries in Malaysia. The reason? Because of the lack of Salesforce talent in Malaysia.

Kliqxe is the company for you if you want to accelerate your Salesforce consulting career. Our team has decades of combined experience, with thousands of hours helping our clients from all around the world with Salesforce implementations. We’re experts in Salesforce, and we know how to make you one too.

What will you learn on your Salesforce journey? 

The First Step: Learning the basics of Salesforce

  • The Different Roles

  • Guided online learnings

  • Working towards internationally recognized certifications

  • You will be working on real projects, making real business decisions

  • Guided by experienced mentors along the way

  • Taking up roles based on talent and interest


Actual Project Work

  • Gain experience dealing with clients

  • Part of the ideation process

  • Interaction with international corporate bodies

Engagements with Clients and Partners

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A great candidate should have:

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  • 0-2 Years Working Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree or above

  • Passionate and curious for new experiences 

  • Preferably a background in IT; will consider other degrees

  • Comfortable with stakeholder engagements


We Hope to See You Soon!

Follow us and stay tuned for the latest updates on Kliqxe Academy.

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1st day of the graduate trainee program

Kliqxe Academy is a program for people from all walks of life looking to step into the world of Salesforce. Many of us had different education and professional backgrounds, but what matters most is the alignment of our values with the company’s and that we have the drive for continuous learning and improvement. The onboarding process was smooth, with personalized goodies and a gradual introduction to the program's style and learning materials. There were multiple workshops held by experienced seniors to teach you the fundamentals of the Manufacturing industry, alongside implementation details and best practices in Salesforce. Despite the rapid pace of which Kliqxe is growing, we formed a tight community together and any learning and sharing across roles, regardless of whether you're a junior or senior, is encouraged.

Darren Seet

Associate Consultant - Developer 
Kliqxe Academy Class of 22

  • What can you tell me about Kliqxe?
    Kliqxe is an IT consulting company based in Malaysia and has a presence in the UK, Germany, Thailand and Philippines. We specialise in Manufacturing and Distribution with clients from all over the world. Our goal is to improve the digital experiences and guide our clients through exciting new ways to conduct business using the Salesforce platform.
  • What is CRM and Salesforce?
    CRM is a system that stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software system that is used across all large companies worldwide. As the name suggests, it helps keep track of all information and interactions related to customers - Sales, Contact Information, Products Bought, Services Provided, etc. Salesforce is the most popular CRM provider in the world, used mainly by large MNC companies to keep track of customers.
  • What is the Kliqxe Academy Graduate Programme?
    Kliqxe Academy is a programme offered to fresh graduates or talents who have less than 2 years of work experience who are interested in kick starting their career in consulting, specifically in the manufacturing industry. Graduates of the programme can expect to grow their career as a Functional Consultant or Technical Developer within the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • What can I expect from joining the Programme?
    You will undergo a learning and development journey that will help you develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for you to become a successful Consultant or Developer at Kliqxe.
  • What is the duration of the programme?
    The programme is expected to run between 6 to 8 months. During this time, you will be exposed to workshops, case studies, presentations and hands-on learning that will help you develop the skills needed to be successful in your role.
  • When is the intake and how often is it?
    The intake takes place every November of the year. At the moment, we recruit annually.
  • How many graduates are usually accepted into the Academy?
    Every year, we accept between 5 to 10 people into the Academy. The number may change depending on the people we need and the talent we have.
  • What is the interview process like?
    The interview involves 3 stages. These stages are progressive and depend on a pass/fail method. First Stage: Virtual interview if your application and resume passes the screening exercise Second Stage:Group Assessment Centre Third Stage: Final Interview with Management
  • How long will the interview process take?
    The interview process will take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete if you progress through each stage. We expect to make formal offers by the month of October. This gives you 3 weeks to a month before you officially start with the Academy in November.
  • Do I require a background in IT for this role?
    You do not need a background in IT to qualify for the Kliqxe Academy. We accept applications of candidates from any field of study.
  • Is this position only applicable for degree holders?
    This position is not limited to degree holders alone. It is open to individuals holding diplomas, as well as those with professional certificates. Therefore, candidates with a range of educational qualifications can apply for this position.
  • What if I have more than 2 years of experience? Am I allowed to join the programme?
    If you possess more than 2 years of working experience, we would still encourage you to apply for the program. Accepting candidates with a maximum of 2 years of experience is not a hard and fast rule. We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are looking to kickstart a career in the tech industry.
  • Is this opportunity open for International/Foreign talents?
    Unfortunately, the current availability of this opportunity is restricted to local Malaysian talents. International or foreign candidates are not eligible to apply for this position at this time.
  • Do I go through a probationary period if I am part of the academy?
    Yes, all graduate trainees will undergo 3 months of probationary period to see person-job fit.
  • What does the pathway look like for me from starting as a Graduate Trainee with the Academy?
    As a Graduate Trainee, you will undergo a period of learning for 6 to 8 months starting from the month of November. Once you graduate from the academy in May the following year, you will become an Associate Consultant at Kliqxe where you will apply your knowledge and learnings on real projects, supported by Senior Consultants and Project Managers. This is where your journey as a full-time Consultant or Developer begins and it is up to you to chart your progress here on.
  • What happens after I complete the academy?
    Upon successful completion of the Kliqxe Academy, you will have the opportunity to progress in your career here at Kliqxe. Graduates are typically promoted to positions such as Associate Consultant or Associate Developer, depending on their area of specialization. In these roles, you will be fully involved in working on actual projects within the business. This allows you to apply your skills and knowledge gained during the trainee program to real-world scenarios and contribute to the company's objectives. It's an exciting step forward in your professional journey with us.
  • What can I do to prepare for this role, before my start date?
    Here’s some of the things that may help you get ahead if you’re selected to be part of the Academy: Study about Kliqxe Technology, our business and our clientele. Read up and expand your knowledge on the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Understand all that you can about Enterprise Resource Planning Learn about Salesforce as a CRM tool and what products and services they offer You may also be given some reading materials or tasks on these topics as you progress through the interview stages
  • Is the Kliqxe Academy Graduate Program a salaried position?
    If you are offered a position at the Academy, you will receive monthly wages and be entitled to company benefits.
  • What sort of benefits will I receive?
    Graduate Trainees will receive basic company benefits like medical & dental coverage, EPF, parking allowances as well as a pantry full of snacks!
  • Am I able to work remotely for this position?
    Kliqxe follows a hybrid working policy, but for this position, Graduate Trainees are generally required to work onsite more frequently. This is because they need to attend physical workshops, training sessions, and collaborate on group projects. However, once trainees have graduated from the Academy, they become eligible for the hybrid working arrangement, which allows for a combination of remote and onsite work.
  • Are there opportunities to travel to sites and internationally?
    There will not be any opportunities for you to travel to sites or internationally while you are part of the Academy. However, once you graduate and are subsumed into Project teams, you may be given the opportunity to travel to the site (locally or internationally) based on where your client is located.
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