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Integrating Salesforce & SAP

12th October, 2021  •  12pm UAE



  • Charles Sigmon, CEO AT KLIQXE

  • Markus Stierli, VIGIENCE CEO  


Join Charles Sigmon from Kliqxe along with Markus Stierli from Vigience to learn how manufacturers are streamlining integration between their business front-end and backend. Watch a live demo of real-time SAP integration to Salesforce — how businesses can leverage existing investment in SAP.

What you can expect:

  • Hear from industry experts on the best practices when integrating ERP to Salesforce

  • Learn how companies are fully utilising their SAP system in a Salesforce UI

  • Live demo of SAP integration via Overcast

  • Walkthrough of a user's day-to-day navigating through SAP business objects directly from Salesforce

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