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Brompton Bicycle partners with Kliqxe to create the new source of truth in Customer Experience



Since 1975, Brompton is a premium and unique bicycle manufacturer focused on city dwellers with the need for foldable bikes that be ridden and carried.  Brompton’s bikes are still handmade for the most part and popular all over the world for their unparalleled engineering.


🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom


Brompton, a premier bicycle manufacturer that builds the world’s coolest foldable bike needed help with their digital strategy. Plagued by a bespoke landscape with duplicate datasets, the need to consolidate and more efficiently digitize their customer strategy became a top priority. Especially given their global expansion!


With the help of Salesforce and Kliqxe, Brompton went live with a mix of Consumer Goods and Manufacturing cloud solutions, coupled with integration to several mission critical systems including ERP. Today there is a real-time view of the dealer network and retail execution processes to improve sell-through to consumers. In addition, Brompton has a view on Order history, serialized assets and who they’ve been sold to, who’s been invoiced, who’s paid…and who hasn’t, all within the same platform.


• 7+ Countries deployed

• 135+ Users


• Consumer Goods Cloud

• Service Cloud

• Manufacturing Cloud


• Infor CSI

• Docebo

• DocuSign

• Outlook

• Real time shipping through Zenkraft (Salesforce AppExchange)

HQ in the UK, go live in 2022


Reach out to Keith Cochrane today to learn more about Kliqxe and how they can help you with your next Manufacturing deal!

+44 7596 404890



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