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Anglo American partners with Kliqxe to build GTM planning for their new Crop Nutrients business!



One of the largest global mining companies in the world that invested in a new Crop Nutrients division mining POLY4.


🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Anglo American set up a new line of business focused on the sales of a new POLY4 product that was yet to be mined, processed and distributed.  They were pre-revenue within this new business, and needed a solution that could help with planning the demand based on pre-negotiated agreements into various markets around the world.  


Manufacturing Cloud is used to plan with the use of Sales Agreements and then track the offtakes overtime.  In addition, Salesforce is leveraged to manage product inventory, validate against unrestricted stock during the order placement process, and drive Order creation from within Salesforce itself.  Longer term, these Orders will be passed into SAP with planned integration.


• 7+ Countries deployed

• 100+ Users


• Manufacturing Cloud

HQ in the UK, go live in 2022


Reach out to Keith Cochrane today to learn more about Kliqxe and how they can help you with your next Manufacturing deal!

+44 7596 404890


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