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Manufacturing Cloud provides a new global standard for Hirose Electric (HRS)



For over 70 years Hirose Electric has been one of the world’s popular brands, manufacturing electronic connectors with sales offices and distributors in 23 countries around the world.


🇯🇵 Yokohama, Japan


While historically HRS has been a Salesforce user company, their original implementation needed do-over considering they were not taking advantage of the latest technology Salesforce provided. Leveraging the classic user interface and not having a solution built for purpose within the platform, they needed a relook in order to reignite adoption and get a much better view of forecasts.


With the help of Manufacturing Cloud, now design and manufacture projects are created with associated opportunities through various channels within. Projects initiated in one country spawn child opportunities to various countries where the contract manufacturing processes take place and consume HRS products. A multi-year time horizon gives HRS users visibility of product sales by month over time and per customer. Order data comes in directly from ERP and now the business has a 360 view of the Hirose world. Even customers can log in through the Experience Cloud portal and join in the fun!


• 650+ Users

• 10+ Countries deployed


• Manufacturing Cloud

• Experience Cloud



• SAP Marketing Cloud

HQ in the Japan, go live in 2021


Reach out to Charles Sigmon today to learn more about Kliqxe and how they can help you with your next Manufacturing deal!

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