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Filtrona invests in Salesforce to build out Opportunity Pipeline and Product demand



For over 90 years, Filtrona remains the only global and independent provider of cigarette filter solutions and scientific services.  They manufacture and deliver filters by the millions and all customized to customer requirements.  


🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Filtrona came to us with a poorly used Salesforce solution that wasn’t fit for purpose.  With an overwhelming amount of data quality issues and zero visibility, the business was flying blind while also grappling with multiple ERP solutions around the world.


Leveraging Manufacturing Cloud, we cleaned up their environment and took them back to basics within their sales processes.  Now they get product-based pipeline and automatic generation of Sales Agreements to forecast their demand.  Given the flexibility of Sales Agreements, we were able to give them an automated way of reforecasting multiple times throughout the year, and Data Processing Engine jobs to aggregate these updates into the Advanced Account Forecasting feature set.  


• 12+ Countries deployed

• 70+ Users


• Manufacturing Cloud

HQ in the UK, go live in 2022


Reach out to Keith Cochrane today to learn more about Kliqxe and how they can help you with your next Manufacturing deal!

+44 7596 404890



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