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Harwin partners with Kliqxe to integrate its processes and forecast demand using Manufacturing Cloud



Formed in 1952, Harwin is a global company that manufactures interconnect devices and PCB hardware. They sell through a network of distributors and have offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe, the USA, and Asia. With 60 years history of successfully manufacturing electronic components Harwin has an active portfolio of over 20k highly reliable interconnects and PCB hardware items.


🇬🇧 Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Harwin sits within a complex maze of manufacturing and distribution processes that ultimately lead to lots of finished goods that people use every day, that their tiny connectors fit within. Users were challenged with real-time management of a sales pipeline and understanding forecasts so that production could properly plan.


Enter Manufacturing Cloud. With the help of Salesforce and Kliqxe, Harwin went live with Manufacturing cloud and integrated it to their IFS ERP system. Today there is real time view of projects and opportunities, and product sales forecasted over a multi-year time horizon. Their design registration processes moved from a manual process to one that was automated through Salesforce and tied to opportunity pipeline. Now there is visibility of not only sales pipeline but sales history, with ERP orders flowing back into Salesforce. Happy days!

1st in the UK, go live in 2021


• 40+ Sales users

• 5+ Countries deployed


• Manufacturing Cloud



• Outlook

“We picked Kliqxe as our Salesforce partner based on their exceptional knowledge of the Manufacturing Cloud and their experience in the space. I truly believe that working with Kliqxe on our implementation, and for ongoing support, enabled us to get the best out of Salesforce for our organization. The team is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. For us, where we have limited resources in-house, this is a vital service and we are happy to have found Kliqxe to support us on this.”
Peter Schneid, Harwin

Kliqxe training workshop for WEIR Mineral in Peru


Reach out to Keith Cochrane today to learn more about Kliqxe and how they can help you with your next Manufacturing deal!

+44 7596 404890



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